AWS Machine Learning Certification Exam – Complete Guide

With over 500+ slides and over 50 practice questions, this course is by far the most comprehensive course on the market that provides students with the foundational knowledge to pass the AWS Machine Learning Certification exam like a pro! This course covers the most important concepts without any fillers or irrelevant information.

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Pass the AWS Machine Learning Certification exam like a pro

Overall, the course is highly regarded for its engaging and clear instruction, practical content, and supportive learning environment. While it excels in making complex topics accessible, especially to beginners, there is room for improvement in terms of depth and clarity in certain areas. The course's structure and comprehensive coverage are key strengths, contributing to its positive reception. However, attention to pacing and further depth could enhance its effectiveness and appeal.

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  • Comprehensive Coverage: Over 500 slides and 50 practice questions cover essential topics thoroughly.
  • Practical Content: Focuses on real-world applications, aiding in understanding complex concepts.
  • Engaging Instruction: Many reviews highlight the engaging nature of the course's teaching.
  • Accessible to Beginners: Noted for being beginner-friendly, making it approachable for those new to the field.
  • Relevance to Exam: Specifically tailored to address the AWS Machine Learning Certification exam requirements.
  • Challenging Material: Some reviews point out the challenging nature of the exam topics.
  • Depth of Content: Occasional feedback suggests a need for more in-depth coverage in certain areas.
  • Pacing Issues: A few reviews indicate that the pacing of the course could be improved.

Full Analysis

Total Reviews Analyzed: 428
Fake & Garbage Reviews Detected: 219

Positive Feedback (72.73% – 152 Reviews)

  • Engaging and Clear Instruction: This theme was highlighted by many as a key strength, with instructors commended for making complex topics understandable.
  • Practical and Relevant Content: The course content was praised for its practicality and relevance, helping learners apply AWS and ML concepts effectively.
  • Supportive Learning Environment: Several reviews noted the supportive nature of the learning environment, aiding in a better understanding of the course material.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: The comprehensive coverage of topics received positive feedback for being thorough and inclusive of all necessary areas.
  • Accessible to Beginners: The course was appreciated for its accessibility, especially for beginners, making it easy to start learning about AWS and ML.
  • Well-Structured: The structure and organization of the course were commended for facilitating easy learning and comprehension.

Neutral Feedback (14.83% – 31 Reviews)

  • General Overview: Some reviews provided a general overview of the course, noting its basic features without expressing strong positive or negative sentiments.
  • Mixed Reactions: There were mixed reactions about specific aspects of the course, with some finding certain elements useful and others not as much.
  • Adequate Coverage: A few reviews acknowledged the adequate coverage of topics, but did not express a strong opinion on the effectiveness of the teaching or content.

Negative Feedback (12.44% – 26 Reviews)

  • Lack of Depth: Several reviews criticized the course for lacking depth in certain areas, suggesting a need for more comprehensive material.
  • Clarity Issues: A few reviewers mentioned issues with the clarity of certain sections, indicating that some explanations could be improved.
  • Pacing Concerns: Some negative feedback was related to the pacing of the course, with a few reviewers finding it either too fast or too slow.

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